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Automate FTP Transfers with Powerful Task-Scheduling Software

Date Added: March 24, 2015 08:11:26 AM
Author: Vladimir Davidenko
Category: Consumer Electronics: Computers
Built to save time in the busy workplace by taking care of all of your daily FTP or SFTP transfers, FTPGetter 3 Professional is a reliable and professional solution designed to automate FTP transfers through a simple and user-friendly centralised console. It provides a built-in task scheduler, allowing users to configure tasks to ensure that files on both the local computer and the remote server are kept current at all times. Terminal Emulator Provided Providing power users with everything that they need to connect to a remote FTP or SFTP server, FTPGetter 3 Professional ( ) also features a terminal emulator. This powerful feature provides a whole new level of versatility by allowing users to send commands using a familiar command-line environment, just like that found in the Windows PowerShell utility. Depending on the level of administrator privileges that the user has, it is possible to use the terminal emulator to access various advanced server functions including file operations and directory navigation. Automate FTP Transfers The basic FTP client doesn't deliver much when it comes to larger jobs, and it quickly becomes very impractical to synchronise large amounts of files between the local computer and the remote server. However, FTPGetter 3 Professional, being a solution design to save time, allows you to free up your daily routine by taking care of the work for you. A minimal amount of configuration is required to set up scheduled tasks thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface that will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a standard FTP client before. Once your scheduled tasks have been set up, the program takes charge by constantly monitoring changes that take place on either the local computer or the remote FTP server. When it detects any file changes among the specified files and/or directories, it will upload or download the data as required to ensure that everything is kept current. This also helps to minimise the risk of human error. Versatile Synchronisation Options FTPGetter 3 Professional provides a great deal of versatility when it comes to setting up your scheduled tasks, including compatibility with file masks. If you want the program to only work with files of a certain type, you can provide the file extension so that the program will ignore files that don't meet the requirements. For example, if you only want to synchronise HTML files, the software will allow you to do so. Additionally, batch processing is provided for taking care of larger jobs. Advanced Features Though exceptionally easy to use, FTPGetter 3 Professional provides some features for advanced users as well, including a shell-scripting utility. This tool allows users to create more complex tasks by scripting a few lines of code designed to initialise more complicated processes to be left unattended thereafter. For example, the shell-scripting tool may be used to consolidate multiple files into a compressed archive in order to download them all at once onto the local computer as a backup. By contrast, trying to complete such tasks manually is a practical impossibility, particularly if you have a lot of data to work with.