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Save Money and Time and Automate FTP Transfers

Date Added: May 20, 2015 02:33:05 PM
Author: Vladimir Davidenko
Category: Consumer Electronics: Computers
FTPGetter 3 Professional is the number-one tool for anyone who regularly works with files stored on a remote FTP or SFTP server throughout the day. Thanks to the user-friendly and well-optimized centralized console, users can automate FTP transfers and synchronize files with ease without having to manually upload and download each file individually as is usually necessary with a standard FTP client. This powerful tool also helps to reduce the risk of human error by ensuring all files, both locally and remotely stored, are kept up to date at all times. Terminal Emulator Included FTPGetter 3 Professional ( ) provides a powerful terminal emulator to provide more advanced users with a wider range of options when working with their remote servers. This useful and innovative tool affords users a whole new degree of versatility by allowing them to use a familiar command line environment to send commands to the remote server. Anyone who has used the Command Line or Windows PowerShell utility will instantly find it familiar, and it provides access to a wide range of functions including ones for file operations, directory navigation and much more, depending on the level of administrative rights that the user has. Synchronize Files and Automate Transfers A typical FTP client provides only a very limited range of functions, and while they are sometimes suitable for more casual users, they fall short of being able to carry out a huge range of important functions. It quickly becomes totally impractical to carry out tasks such as file synchronization with such a tool, but FTPGetter 3 Professional makes this possible thanks to its wide range of useful and innovative features. It requires very little user interaction beyond setting up scheduled tasks, and its innovative user interface will also be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a standard FTP client before. With your scheduled tasks set in place, the program will take control by constantly monitoring file changes on both the local computer and the remote server before updating them as necessary to ensure that all data is kept up to date. You can tell the program to watch specific files or directories or even certain file formats thanks to full support for file masks. FTPGetter 3 Professional prides itself on versatility, making it easier than ever to set up automated tasks, and support for file masks allow you to include or exclude files of certain types. For example, if you only need to synchronize JPG files, you can tell the program to do so, while ignoring all other types of files. When you have larger jobs to complete, you can also take advantage of the powerful batch processing feature. Advanced Functions Though exceptionally easy to use, FTPGetter 3 Professional is also suitable for more demanding users thanks to its advanced features including a built-in scripting utility that allows you to create more complex automated tasks. For example, the scripting utility may be used to consolidate multiple files into a single compressed archive, allowing the program to consume less bandwidth by downloading them all at once. When you consider how time-consuming it would be to carry out such tasks manually, the advantages offered by FTPGetter 3 Professional become ever clearer.