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Protect Yourself Online with Disconnect

Date Added: July 17, 2015 03:27:06 PM
Author: David Hansen
Category: Consumer Electronics: Computers
Online privacy is becoming an ever greater concern. Social media privacy settings are getting more and more meaningless, while phishing scams and other online threats are constantly on the rise. Needless to say, the consequences of identity theft can be massive, so you'll want to take every precaution to help ensure that you're safe online. While getting into a few good habits can help a lot, there are also some essential tools that anyone who is concerned about their privacy and security online should have. Used by more than 10 million people, Disconnect is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to protect your identity and grant you complete privacy during your time spent online. It is very easy to use, and it takes care of much of the hard work for you. Stop Yourself from Being Hacked or Tracked There are numerous ways to end up getting hacked online or have your activities tracked. In fact, there is a highly developed web of invisible trackers on a lot of websites and within programs and mobile apps, including many which you probably use yourself. While this usually doesn't present a severe problem, it is extremely tiresome for anyone who wants to retain their privacy and anonymity during their time spent online. Disconnect helps to guard against unsecured wireless Internet connections while protecting your personal information from privacy and security vulnerability. The program keeps you constantly informed about the situation by telling you what's going on and giving you the opportunity to block out the hackers and trackers. Guard Against Identity Theft Identity theft is one of the most common types of online threats, and unless you get into some good habits and take every step to safeguard your personal information, you too can become a victim. Things like personal and financial information and passwords, when not taken care of properly can easily fall into the wrong hands. Cybercriminals use ever increasingly sophisticated methods to gain access to such information. Even many supposedly respectable companies and governmental institutions track your online activities. Disconnect routes all of your Internet traffic through an encrypted server, so that even if it does end up getting intercepted, the data will be completely useless to would-be hackers. The software prevents wireless eavesdropping and secures your connection so that you can use public Wi-Fi hotspots easily and stress-free. Stay Clear of Malicious Software There are countless ads online that contain trackers or malicious software. However, by using the virtual private network (VPN) provided with Disconnect, you will be able to block more than 5,000 malicious trackers and known sources of malware. Additionally, your Internet protocol (IP) address will be masked so that no potential hackers or trackers will be able to associate your online activity with your personal identity. Because Disconnect allows you to connect through a private server, you will also be able to work around any online censorship laws in your country. With Disconnect, you can use the Internet freely without having to worry about the risks.